Schmachtenberg shear blades are used in machines where scrap is chopped and shredded. We provide blades and wear parts for mobile scrap and demolition shears, and scrap shear blades for stationary scrap shears.

Our customers can take advantage of our comprehensive array of services. We maintain a wide range of products and ship blades and accessories as kits upon request (including bolts, bushings, nuts, washers, and shims.)

We produce shear blades for machines by Atlas Copco, ATM, Bronneberg, Danieli-Henschel, Demarec, Genesis, Copex, Idromec, Kinshofer, La Bounty, Leimbach-Becker, Oberländer, Lefort, Metso Lindemann, Louritex, Mantovanibenne, Recuperma, Rotar, Sierra, Taurus, Trevibenne, VTN Zato, ZDAS, and more.

Services we provide for our scrap recycling customers:

In case you have questions about certain knife and machine models – or if you would like to get an individual quote right away, pls. do not hesitate to get in touch with us now. We are more than happy to be at your service: